I'm a PhD student in Computer Science at GSSI, in L'Aquila. In collaboration with Emanuele Natale and Pierluigi Crescenzi, I'm the main programmer of WorldDynamics.jl, an open-source framework for world dynamics modeling and simulation. I'm also an external collaborator of the CRAb research group in Brazil and the co-advisor of three graduate students on works with Deep Reinforcement Learning.


My current Deep Reinforcement Learning interests include multi-agent cooperation and competition, emulation of human play styles in Non-Player Characters, and interpretability of autonomous agents. Other research interests include Neural Network Optimization, Computer Vision, and Scientific Machine Learning.

I'm also interested in high-performance code, Data-Oriented Design, game development, and playing with Assembly.

Work Experience

I worked as a Research Engineer in the COATI Project-Team on projects of Neural Network Optimization, under the supervision of CNRS researcher Emanuele Natale @Inria. Previously, I worked with Data Science, Computer Vision for human segmentation, Optical Character Recognition, and Computational Geometry applied to 3D printing @Instituto Atlântico. Before, I worked with Digital Image Processing for Biometrics and fingerprint segmentation with Deep Neural Networks @GREat.


I received a Master's degree in Computer Science in 2018 from the Federal University of Ceara (UFC) in Brazil, under the supervision of Prof. Joaquim Bento, and a Magna Cum Laude Bachelor's degree in Computer Science in 2015, also from UFC.

You can find my full CV here.